Bootie Cabinet

Bootie Cabinet

The modular Bootie Cabinet comes in a variety of shelf lengths. The design conforms to the hanger rack design ensuring uniformity of appearance throughout the gownroom. Supplied with leveler legs and foot covers. This symetric product can be used from either side. Adhesive Labelling numbers supplied. Options available for 16 up to 56 compartments.
Delivered: Flat packed and easy to assemble.
Fabrication material : 304L stainless steel with electropolished finish

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Bootie Cabinet 16

LxWxH (mm) 300x400x2100
LxWxH (inches) 12x16x83
Cat.No BC16CMP

Bootie Cabinet 24

LxWxH (mm) 400x400x2100
LxWxH (inches) 16x16x83
Cat.No BC24CMP

Bootie Cabinet 32

LxWxH (mm) 483x400x2100
LxWxH (inches) 19x16x83
Cat.No BC32CMP

Bootie Cabinet 40

LxWxH (mm) 583x400x2100
LxWxH (inches) 23x16x83
Cat.No BC40CMP

Bootie Cabinet 48

LxWxH (mm) 683x400x2100
LxWxH (inches) 27x16x83
Cat.No BC48CMP

Bootie Cabinet 56

LxWxH (mm) 783x400x2100
LxWxH (inches) 31x16x83
Cat.No BC56CMP