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If you are searching for high end stainless steel cleanroom furniture & equipment - then you have come to the right place. Palbam Class has a worldwide reputation for manufacturing & supplying the very highest quality cleanroom products to all the Cleanroom Industries - Pharma, Biotech, Microelectronics, Nanotechnology etc. The products range from Cleanroom Furniture ( tables, dispensers, gowning furniture, cabinets & racks) to Cleanroom Equipment ( carts, ladders, metal wafer cassettes & clean nitrogen purging solutions).

You can request pricing through the Request for Quote facility - and if you want to receive the catalog just complete the contact form in contact us

Distributors Worldwide

Palbam Class has a worldwide network of Distributors. When you send to us your "Request for Quote" through our website - your request will be answered by either our main office or a distributor near you within 24 hours. This fast, personal service worldwide offers you an unmatched service.

Our Customers include all the main Global Cleanroom users such as:

Texas Instruments,  Intel,  Abbott,  Merck,  Teva,  GSK,  Allergan,  Amgen,  Schering Plough,  Global Foundries,  TowerJazz,  KLA-Tencor,  Medtronic,  Boston Scientific,  Omrix,  Rolex,  Universities, Alcon,  Wyeth,  Pfizer,  Qualcomm,  Polar Semi,  Hynix,  Bachem,  Maxim  and the list is expanding into many other industries as cleanrooms become an essential part of modern manufacturing.

Flat packed designs for economic shipping

Palbam Class unique flat packed designs enable almost all Palbam Class products to be shipped economically and installed at the customers convenience.

About the Request for Quote List

We understand that todays customers want to receive answers immediately. Each product on our website can be added to your "Request for Quote" list. Simply complete the form and send to us your request for quote. We will endeavour to reply within 24 hours with product pricing and shipping costs to your location. If you experience any problems with this facility, then simply send your request by e-mail direct to info@palbamclass.com

Custom Cleanroom Products

We understand that we do not have all the solutions. However we can quote any custom cleanroom stainless steel products you require. Simply send to info@palbamclass.com as much information about your required product and your details and we will send you a custom quote within 48 hours.

SST 304 & 316 -  Electro-Polished

All our standard products are manufactured from stainless steel 304L and electro-polished. Electro-polishing has many positive benefits for stainless steel, one of which is the fact it is the best form of passivation (which prevents it from corroding) and therefore for most applications sst 304 is suitable. However if you require sst 316 we can manufacture with this also. Another important advantage of electro-polishing is that it makes the product much easier to clean / wipedown, which is essential in cleanroom environments.  See video showing benefits of electro-polishing stainless steel  -  video

One Year Warranty

All Palbam Class products are covered by a one year warranty. We will immediately replace defective or damaged parts or products - giving you peace of mind.

Palbam 2008 CAS Ltd

Palbam Class is the cleanroom division within the Palbam 2008 CAS Ltd group https://palbam.co.il/en/   

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