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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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Gownroom Feeder Cabinets

Gownroom Feeder Cabinets

These quality stainless steel Feeder Cabinets support the gowning operation. Front access doors are used for reloading and for storage purposes. The bottom cabinet can be used for storage or disposal. Perspex dispenser slots ensure that garments / disposables can be extracted one at a time and do not spill out.
Can be shipped assembled or flat packed.

Picture shows the 12 slot version FFCS-1540-SST
Fabrication materials: stainless steel 304 with electropolished finish.

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Product LxWxH (mm) LxWxH (inches) Cat.No Quote Request
Feeder - front load - front dispense 4 500x400x2000 20x16x79 FFCS-0540-SST
Feeder - front load - front dispense 8 1000x400x2000 40x16x79 FFCS-1040-SST
Feeder - front load - front dispense 12 1500x400x2000 60x16x79 FFCS-1540-SST

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